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Since 1964 until the present of day, we are fully committed to the conservation of water quality in the Ube City, Japan. Our recycling programs arose as time changes. In 2015, we conducted an internal local survey. In 2017, we were certified as “JICA SME Overseas Development Support Project”. 2018 to 2019 were the years of our preparation for the establishment of Earth Creative’s local branch. Ultimately in September 2019, PT. Earth Creative Indonesia was official and successfully established under the approval of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).


President Director

Messagge from Our President Director

Keep trying! The more success you get, the more confident you will be. You will feel regret when you lose and modesty when you excel, but one thing is certain: you will gain wisdom and experience despite your loss. Our contribution to water quality management began with the establishment of Earth Creative Co., Ltd. in Ube City in 1964. Over time, we have developed a new concern: the recycling program which has presented us with new challenges. We aim to act according to the circumstance changes and to deliver as much impact as possible through the realization of our dream, “creating a circle of people who are mindful of recycling.” Earth Creative is always open to your insights and ongoing support.

Filosofi Bumi

PT. Earth Creative in running a business based on the values ​​of:
Live Beautiful
Improve Thinking Ability
Article 1 Honesty A humble attitude that comes within one’s abilities that moves him to always do the best. He always listens to what people say in honesty and is accompanied by the willingness to self-reflect; those will eventually lead him to improve his life quality and motivation to be better.
Do The Best
Article 2 Build up a connection that trusts towards one another The connections we built through our similar ideals are the foundation of our management. Genuine relationships will boost one’s communication ability toward the others.
Make the Best Decision
Article 3 Benevolence In order for one to deliver his excellent work, think just for the sake of today and create generous decision with no ulterior motives necessary.
Gain New Insight and Find Resolution to Face Any Possible Challenges
Article 4 Never give up until everything works as planned To achieve the best work results, work it out with passion combined with a solid attitude to never giving up no matter what.
Think About Life
Article 5 Keep on dreaming yet live with utmost seriousness Life resembles a stage play where the script depends on how we write it down. It is important to conquer every day in seriousness and not to fall into meaningless dreams.
In Order to Deliver Excellent Work
Core Management
Article 6 The power of owning principles and originality It is critical for a manager to satisfy the customer’s heart in a way that does not go against morals and common sense. Everyone who is able to do their job well along with the level of seniority and time will accumulate creative ideas which will ultimately produce unique creations.
Everyone Is a Manager
Article 7 Recognize the now and future targets Together we determine the targets we want to achieve. The leader will ensure each target is recognized and implemented, and that the members will set their higher targets than expected.
In His Own Work Routines
Article 8 Knowledge on profit To increase one’s ability to obtain profit will produce a significant impact on the advancement of the company.


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